Flirting at Work by Del Jones, USA Today

January 28, 2010

What nice and short article, but very true in essence. I totally agree with author Jones’s words as much as I do believe flirting at work is a detrimental and incompetent posture that brings nothing but negative consequences to females who use sexual behavior in the workplace. Flirting or any type provocative sexual behavior is typified as unprofessional, unchallenged, and unacceptable in the work environment because it breaks up the company’s policy, therefore women who usually use these types of demeanors need to be talked with and could find themselves in a very difficult, uncomfortable, and the worst damaging situation that they could ever imagine. However, we all know that these sort of sexual behaviors happen all the time in the work places, and so females that try to be smart by adapting these kinds of behaviors could end up closing up their opportunities of advancement in the companies, and as a result losing up their jobs.


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