WSJ Article: Col. Joe Dowdy’s “Tempo” displeased his superiors by Christopher Cooper

April 9, 2010

How a marine lost his command in race to Baghdad  

Wow, another great article based on Marine Col. Joe Dowdy’s performance. Col. Dowdy really was a man who watched over the benefits of his team, accomplished his mission as colonel in the battlefields in the Iraq war, and it was after effectively completed his mission when he was removed from command- that is unethical.

The article states that under Col. Dowdy’s supervision there was only one lose of a human live. This tells us how well he did lead and command his battalion and the great battle strategies he implemented to accomplish such success of his mission even though the other two men Mattis and Kelley did not think so. These latter really wanted to find an excuse to get rid of Col. Dowdy, and they did so. They used a few reasons to fire Dowdy such as the lack of speed, the time he fell asleep, and so on. However, to me this is unethical. Mattis and Kelley showed unprofessionalism as they were so quick to discard Col. Dowdy. They did not even have a talk with him nor give him an opportunity to work things around and see what he could bring to the table, on the contrary when the three had the talk it was just to remove him from his job.

Col. Dowdy, as many great purposeful leaders out there, made some mistakes unfortunately that cost him his honorable post. A married man with a family, who wanted for each of his troops to return safely home, who always cared for his people, who chose men over his mission, who was consider a star by his men, and who was well liked by the men that served under his supervision, really made a difference in his job by doing nothing but the right thing as safeguarding the lives of his people.

In summary, the dynamic revealed in this article was amazing, as it helps us understand that managers and leaders really need to put forth the people’s needs and wants and cater to the organizational goal, and most importantly, authentic leaders need to bring their bodies, minds, and souls into the organization to find a balance between the worldly and spiritual, that will help to the effective decision making process.


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