March 24, 2010

United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence: report on pre-Iraq war intelligence
CBC News Online | July 09, 2004

This article reminds me a lot Jesica’s story article, as far as the flawed system that was in place as it clearly outlines the factors that led the United States Senate and the IC community to presume that Iraq had growing weapons of mass destruction without verifying the rumors or facts, which I believe this led to the war in Iraq that is currently going on. Hence, this failed system took the IC community along with other professional organizations in the country to establish some mechanisms to fight back Iraq’s internal systems. This is without doubt a concerning issue that involves innumerable social organizations across the world, most importantly the United States Senate and IC community, as their group think or collective presumption failed due to the lack of verifying the information they were getting (grew overconfidence), therefore their ideas or thoughts were so strong that they were not challenged and they had their minds set as much as challenging them will slow down their plan of action.

The IC failed mechanisms really have left much to be desired not only to the United States Senate but also to the entire society in the world when it came to ethics, accountability, professionalism, etc. The IC committee should have constantly monitored and evaluated their internal systems, processes, and information by challenging themselves (playing devil’s advocate for the group) to never grow confidence, as this latter could have certainly originated the current war in Iraq.  If the IC managers would have checked the information obtained from the Iraqi exiles and dissidents more closely, none of this would have happened.       

In summary, growing confidence brings nothing to group think but wrong systems in place based on ineffective decision-making from managers due to the lack of challenging their ideas as to exactly what plan of action should be taken “We cannot make good decisions without knowing the facts” (Good to Great principle).


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