WSJ: Get Healthy: or Else

February 22, 2010

This article tells the story of Scotts Miracle-Grow Co, a company whose headquarters are located in Marysville, Ohio, the land of all-you-can-eat buffets and that its number one priority was to incorporate new and strict health-care programs in the organization due to the high insurance premiums the company was facing at that time. According to Scotts’ CEO, obesity and smoking became a big issues for his organization back in the days, as they were decreasing the revenues of the organization as the health-care costs increased in a double-digit rate, therefore it was primordial to act on it by implementing health programs within the company that would encourage employees to adopt healthier habits. Fortunately, Scotts’ CEO’s idea did work according to plan although it was not easy, it took him quite bit of time to go tobacco free company, build a couple of gyms for employees, and what is best, to change such suicidal behaviors on the workforce  that were no longer supported by his company, he stated. Personally, I don’t agree with the way he set up those issues at Scotts Co. Okay, I got the point of this article to where it is important to promote healthy lifestyles and all that on the employees; however I think he should not have pointed out specifically at obesity and smoking issues to be the causes of high insurance premiums whatsoever, I just thought that was not right and therefore it could be considered discrimination. We know that the majority of work-related accidents/injuries get to happen because of the lack of providing quality safety training, and not because of obese and smoker people as it was stated in this article. In fact, I have worked with chubby people and they are just fun to work with, they do their job, they show up to work, they work safe and so they rarely get hurt as opposed to skinny and apparently healthy employees who get hurt more often, miss work days, and they don’t toil. So, I believe this article needs to be rephrased.


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