Chapter 5 readings

February 22, 2010

U.S. News and World Report: Jesica’s Story

Undoubtedly this is a touchy article that has made think about the nightmare the Santillan family underwent back in July, 28, 2003 as far as the senseless loss of their daughter Jesica Santillan’s life was concern, a young girl who was given the wrong organs that did not match her blood type. This article clearly describes how a failed system took the life of Jesica Santillan to death due to the complacent and flawed system in which this prestigious hospital nationwide operated along with other professional organizations in the country. This was without doubt a concerning issue that involved innumerable medical and social organizations across the country before, during, and after that tragedy happened as they needed to carefully double checked their internal systems to make sure they were operating in accordance to their lineaments.

The scary story of Jesica Santillan’s death really has left much to be desired not only to the medical field but also to the entire society when it came to ethic, accountability, professionalism customer service, etc. I know that nothing compares to the value of human lives as they are irreplaceable, however if we translated these kind of malpractices into our organizations that would be failure, and we would not simply exist in the business world. Therefore, in order to succeed in this competitive and changing business environment, companies really need to constantly monitor and evaluate their internal systems and processes by making audits to themselves so that they not only comply by what the protocol dictates, but also to go above and beyond it to never grow complacency, as this latter was certainly what caused the tragedy in the Santillan’s family. If the doctor would have checked Jesica’s chart even just for a minute, none of this would have happened. So, this was a great reading that tells me what complacency can do to our lives even in the smallest of the tasks.


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