WSJ: Two foot-ball coaches have a lot to teach screaming managers

February 20, 2010

This is a great article that contrasts the quiet coaching styles of the Indianapolis Colts’ head coach Tony Dungy and the Chicago Bears’ head coach Lovie Smith with the others NFL coaches. The former believe they can get the most out of their players by motivating, directing, and treating them calmly and with respect whereas the latter think screaming at players is the best way of motivating them. Personally, I am on the quiet coaching style side, since it is certainly the best manager role one can adopt nowadays. Things have changed in the work place, and we are all aware of that. Getting yelled or screamed at produces nothing but a demeaning, belittling, and unpleasant work environment where numbers could still be achieved, the work could still be done, however the trust will fall through the cracks, and as a consequence we will be living in a La La Land (those who read Bret’s post’s title: LA LA LAND will know what I am talking about) if managers think they are still meeting the customers needs. So we, the people of integrity and value, don’t want to work for screamers or being treated that way but rather we would love to work in an atmosphere of trust where one can express the ideas, thoughts and talents without fear of being ridiculed or getting yelled at in front of the co-workers. In summary, fostering a quiet manager style doesn’t necessarily mean we are being weak whatsoever, conversely it will help us lead our workforce through motivation, respect, so that they work effectively to get the most out of them.


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