To a United Pilot, The Friendly Skies Are a Point of Pride, August 28, 2007.

February 8, 2010

This is a great article that clearly expresses the importance of providing an excellence customer service as competing fairly and in accordance with the highest standards in all of the customer relationships, as customer service is undoubtedly a core value for all organizations nowadays, because without customers businesses wouldn’t simply exist in the market. However, how can a large company be able to providing that high quality service in today’s dynamic and changing business environment that meets its customer needs? Well, any type of organization is built around people, the strength of any type of organization is its people working together with a common purpose, and the most valuable assets for any type of organization are loyal and capable people, therefore for an organization to be known for its excellent customer service, each employee must meet high standards from within. This is exactly what Capt. Flanagan did at United Airlines Corporation; an outstanding example of a loyal and capable employee that always surpassed the flight attendants expectations as representing his own standards more than the company was back in 2007. To boost customer service, Capt. Flanagan would snap some pictures out of the fliers pets and then he would show them to the owners; he would raffle unopened bottles of wine, he would write some thank you notes on the back of his business cards to frequent fliers, and so on and so forth, so he would always do a lot of things like those trying to lighten the mood of the flight, and to also preserving customer relationships. What great article!


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