Rules of Engagement, by Sue Shellenbarger, October 1, 2007.

February 8, 2010

This article along with the previous one: To a United Pilot… are highly related to one another as they both describe the importance of gaining an organizational commitment of our workers which is key that is going to lead them to invest that extra mile on the job, as a result they are going to have not only a greater level of job satisfaction, but also they are going to increase the company’s overall financial performance. Therefore, as the author said: “truly engaging them can have an almost magical effect on the bottom line”, and why not in our customer relationships. Thus, we are seeing more and more organizations nowadays trying to combine these two attitudes: job satisfaction and organizational commitment among their employees as “the companies lure new recruits by pledging their devotion to work-family balance”, the author pointed out. However, personally I believe this process of combining these two attitudes is going to still take a while to start seeing some changes in the workplace, since we spend most of our time at work and just don’t see this happen in the real life whereas our bosses are turning into a real big number guys where all that matters is results, and at some point that is understandable since they have to keep costs down, consequently they are sacrificing the most capable and valuable strength that is people. For this reason, up until we adopt a more people-oriented organizational system from within, until then we are going to experience a commitment of our employees such that they are going to be happier and more engaged. Great article by the way!


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