“Work Matters” from Bob Sutton.’s Blog

February 2, 2010

This is a great post by Bob Sutton, where he basically explains that intelligence, a personality attribute, is something that comes from what we do over the time, and not something that we  were born with. Indeed, the more we believe that intelligence is a malleable characteristic and not a fixed one, the smarter we become by working harder on our goals, on our studies, on our jobs as we hone our intellectual skills which they really are getting us to successful paths. In today’s society still exist a poor mentality, intellectually speaking, in which some people think they are better than other people just because of the way they look, the place they come from, and so on and so forth. That is very selfish and egocentric thought. Therefore, we must never get caught up into the stereotype thing which brings nothing positive but negative and incompetent points of view coming from people who have not realized yet the greatness of diversity. We have to keep in mind that we need to bring into the organization that spirit of willingness to learn, being a team player motivating our employees, encouraging and challenging them and ourselves with new projects, tasks, and goals on a daily basis, because we do not need to be smarter, just different, and difference is really an asset to the organization.


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