Women in the Work Place by Ellen Joan Pollock

January 28, 2010

Undoubtedly we have experienced that a whole lot has change in the work world in a very short timeframe with the involvement of women in the workplace, as the author points out. In today’s business world we are witnesses of remarkable contributions women have made to the entire world as they have occupied, in most countries, not only top political leader roles, but also business, cultural, economic, social, intellectual, academic leader positions, etc. where their actions have voice and power, where they are a part of the decision making process that affects people’s well being, where they have the authority to create and delegate policies and rules, and where they can simply shine by proving to themselves they are capable of achieving their dreams once they commit to it. Therefore, women’s participation now plays out such crucial role within the organization that if we intelligently dialog and equally combine both women’s and men’s intellectual human capacities we would definitely turn things around, we would view tremendous changes in the organizational and human behavior, and the best, we would observe things from a different perspective. Meanwhile, women keep climbing up the ladders, and keep getting involved deeper and deeper into the society, so that is something that we men need to applaud and watch out as they go.


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