How to Get Hired by Ronald Alsop

January 27, 2010

What great article by Ronald Alsop, he really made think about those biggest little details which he best describes as the recruiters’ pet peeves (lack of professional skills) that MBA students face right at the interview process, little details with tremendous value that we as an MBA student really need to pay attention on, such as; making the very first five seconds count by displaying an image of professionalism, communicating ideas clearly and precisely in other words being objective, showing outstanding writing and reading skills, listening carefully to the interviewer, and showing a figure of team player as I absolutely believe this latter to be a fundamental skill, because no matter what level of education we have or the position we occupy within the organization, we still have to be able to communicate/persuade with top management to the lower-level employees who do not have the same level of education or perspective.

In summary, to be an MBA student does not necessarily mean we are exempt of making mistakes, on the contrary business leaders really need to foster a culture of fear within the structure of the organizations where we are not afraid of admitting our mistakes, where we are able to show that we are flawed humans, and where we are able to be open to the dialog to every employee regardless the post they occupy within the organizations so that we can grow more healthy work environments and as a result better companies and places to be in.


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