2004 Award Winner, Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business

January 26, 2010

It is tremendous to have such unique college of business within the University of Northern Colorado for future generations, that not only offers a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration which is mainly its specialization, but also the experience, technology, guidance and support that students need from inside the classrooms to the faculty to the time they look for work placement opportunities, and what is even better is that they count on the accreditation from the AACSB for being the first college of business school accredited from this AACSB in 1992.  I also love the way this college run as far as its internal organization is concern. The National Institute of Standards and Technology -Technology administration – Department of Commerce, Baldrige National Quality Program explains that 90 % of the entire faculty holds a doctoral degree and that this specialized faculty is the one who imparts the undergraduate business classes and not the graduate assistants as it is commonly seen in some universities in the country. Also, the fact that they give the opportunity to business leaders in the State of Colorado to come and join the dean’s office and share their experience with the alumni inside the classrooms, really gives a plus to this college, so it is a phenomenal job well done by the dean’s staff.


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