Teaching Smart People How to Learn by Chris Argyris

January 25, 2010

I agree with Argyris words pretty much on everything he mentioned on this article, especially when I realized that everything he mentioned is applicable to my work, I am talking about the management team role. However, where I found myself related the most to his thoughts was in the fact when he tries to convey the message to all the readers of this article that for an organization to change in its organizational behavior it is fundamental to experiment a change, a change in the core of the organization that has to start from the top, and to be more objective a change in the ego of the top management. I really see this happening where I work, and so I fully believe this is one of the typical problems that not only my company faces now, but all the businesses do. For instance, seniors managers at my work really need to change in the way they think, that is; the fact that they have worked for the company for so long does not necessarily mean they have the knowledge and expertise to do their endeavors, and therefore to end up being a condescending leaders, unlike they need to be more receptive and really need to learn how to heed to their people’s inputs. Another issue that my company’s management team faces is miscommunication, another is not having a multicultural perspective, and another is the lack of motivation, however, if I went on enumerating all the problems I would end up with a large bulleted list of issues. Anyway, the bottom line is that we need to adapt a posture of double-loop learning or innovative behavior at work to modify the governing values to challenge the status quo and a transformational change will ensue.


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