Learning by the Case Method by John S. Hammond

January 25, 2010

The article, learning by the case method: how to get the most out of the case learning, helped me grasp a better understanding of how important it is to identify a problem or symptom when a difficult situation is presented in an organization (work place), investigate the root causes aggressively, analyze the effects or consequences, come up with some solutions or possible action steps for responding to that specific problem, present the outcomes to the management team, and follow up whatever the course of action is with the intention of resolving the issue in the organization. For instance, I am a part of the management team in the company that I work for, this company is well-known as the worldwide leader in the distribution and delivery of parcels, and I always face the day-to-day real-life situations that any manager faces on their work routine, and so now I know that defining the problem really leads us to arrive to potential solutions. In light of the fact that mangers should always be overseeing activities and supervising people in organizations, it would be best if they heed to people’s feelings, thoughts, and attitudes about their work as all of these elements really make a difference in their performance and behavior.


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